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Financial Help When Your Health Means You Can’t Work

The problem: You haven’t worked in a long time due to your health. It’s hard to pay even for basic needs, like food, housing and medical care.

The solution: A federal government program, called Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, could help get your life back on track.

It comes with monthly checks and qualifies you for Medicaid health coverage.

But it’s a long and complicated process to apply. Most people get turned down. Getting your application correct and complete—and handling your appeal correctly if you’re denied—could make the difference in getting your benefits approved.

Don’t take chances when it comes to applying for SSI benefits. Nationwide, the lawyers at Olinsky Law Group provide experienced representation for people with serious health problems and money worries.

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Is SSI the Same As SSDI?

You might hear people use different names when they talk about disability benefits. The Social Security Administration runs two different programs for disability. Each program is for people who can’t work because of severe medical conditions, but the financial and work history requirements are different.

  • SSDI: Social Security Disability Insurance provides benefits to people who’ve worked for years and paid into the system through the Social Security taxes deducted from their paychecks. People at any income level can qualify for benefits.
  • SSI: People can receive SSI benefits if they haven’t worked much or haven’t worked in so long that they no longer qualify SSDI, including people who’ve had disabilities since childhood. To qualify for SSI, you also must have limited assets and financial resources.

Olinsky Law Group can help you understand which program fits your situation. Our experienced attorneys know every detail involved in filing disability claims, and we’ve helped thousands of people get the benefits they deserve.

You don’t pay any legal fees unless you win your case.

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How Do I Qualify for SSI?

To win SSI benefits, you have to prove to Social Security that you meet certain conditions:

  • You have mental or physical impairments that will keep you from working at least a year.
  • You’re blind.
  • You have low income and assets.
  • You’re over 65 and meet the financial requirements.

Proving all of this requires gathering medical records from your doctors, details about your treatment and prescriptions, and financial records. A disability lawyer can help get all your information in order.

Children with disabilities can also get SSI benefits.

Most of the time if you or your child qualifies for SSI, you also immediately qualify for Medicaid. Medicaid can help with your medical and doctor bills, tests and prescriptions. For your child, it can help with therapy, medical equipment, tutoring and other expenses.

You may also qualify for food stamps and assistance paying utility bills.

What if I’m Denied for SSI?

Most people are denied the first time they apply for SSI benefits. Don’t feel discouraged. You can still receive benefits if you appeal your case. But act fast:

You have 60 days from the date of your denial to file your appeal.

When it’s time to appeal, you definitely want to contact Olinsky Law Group.

Appealing is more complicated than applying, and we’re a national leader in Social Security Disability appeals.

Our lawyers can help you correct problems in your application that may have caused the denial. We can also prepare you to meet with a Social Security administrative law judge—or take your appeal all the way to Federal Court if necessary.

Our support can improve your chances of winning benefits and securing your life.

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