Disability Qualifications for Over Age 50

How to Apply Special Rules to Win Disability Benefits

You’re over 50, but not ready to retire. Then serious health problems force you off work.

It feels like your life is spinning out of control. You don’t know how you’ll keep supporting yourself and your family.

Don’t give up hope.

At age 50 and up, it gets easier to win Social Security Disability benefits—providing monthly income so you can worry less about your bills and focus more on living your life.

Social Security has special rules for people over 50. When you apply for benefits—or appeal a benefits denial—make sure you present information about your age and experience in a way that gives you every advantage under these rules.

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What Are the Special Disability Qualifications for People Over 50?

Winning disability benefits is hard. Most people get denied. Everyone applying for Social Security Disability must prove three things:

  1. You can’t continue in your past job—and the reason is your health problems.
  2. Your medical conditions are severe enough to prevent you from adapting to any other line of work.
  3. Your conditions will last at least a year and could lead to death.

These requirements apply to people of any age. How is it different when you’re 50?

The rule saying you must be unable to adapt to new work becomes easier to meet at age 50 and above.

For example, when you’re under 50, Social Security might say you could move to a less physical job, maybe working at a desk in an office.

After 50, Social Security begins to rule out the possibility that you might do a different kind of work.

So it gets easier over 50 to show that you can’t work in any capacity, which is the key to winning disability benefits.

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What Social Security Disability Age Group Do I Fit Into?

When Social Security evaluates your disability claim, it will put you into an age bracket.

You can see from the brackets how winning benefits gradually gets easier with age:

    • “Younger Person,” 18-49: Social Security expects you to be unable to work at all—in any job that exists, to win benefits.
    • “Closely Approaching Advanced Age,” 50-54: At this age, you may not need to prove you can’t do any job in the economy, only that you can’t do your most recent job.
    • “Person of Advanced Age,” 55 and up: As you advance in age, Social Security becomes even more likely to conclude that your health problems rule out working in any job.

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Social Security Disability benefits are not some government handout. To qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), for example, you had to work and pay into the system from your paychecks for years.

When the unexpected happens, and you can’t work, you have a right to this financial help.

A disability lawyer from Olinsky Law Group can make sure you get what’s fair. Olinsky is a leader in Social Security Disability appeals.

We know how to apply the rules for people over 50 in your favor.

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