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The Necessity of a Medical Expert

Younger individual admitted to the hospital status-post fall with lower extremity weakness and paranesthesia. MRI showed significant compression of the spinal cord. Claimant was rushed for emergency decompression surgery. After two months of inpatient rehabilitation, the individual gradually started to regain function of his extremities. The individual continued to seek treatment for complaints of neck pain, lower back pain, and spasticity in his upper and lower extremities.
The medical evidence of record contained conflicting opinions from a Consultative Examiner (Doctor hired by Social Security) and the claimant’s own treating physician. In the case that there are conflicting opinions within the file, an Administrative Law Judge may call on a Medical Expert to testify. The job of Medical Expert is to review the evidence of record and give an opinion regarding the severity of one’s condition and any limitations caused from said conditions. Additionally, the Medical Expert will opine if any conditions meet/equal a SSA Medical Listing. The Medical Expert after cross examination, opined that Claimant met Medical Listing 1.04A, resulting in a Favorable decision for the claimant. Michael Eason represented the claimant at his hearing.