ADA Discrimination

Syracuse ADA Discrimination Lawyers

Protecting Your Rights

If you have a disability, federal law prohibits people from discriminating against you. You have rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Don’t let anybody violate your rights because of a disability. Olinsky Law Group fights to protect you from discrimination.
  • If you feel your civil rights have been denied, you’ve suffered employment discrimination, or you’ve experienced discrimination in transportation, public accommodations, telecommunications, or state and local government services, tell us about it.
  • The process of making a claim includes strict rules and procedures. We’ll help you set a course of action, guide you through the rigors of the evaluation process and build a successful claim.
  • If you have a Title II- and Title III-related claim against public and private entities, Olinsky Law Group can advise and represent you. We work with clients throughout the United States on Title II ADA violations (accessibility requirements for state and local governments) and Title III ADA violations (accessibility requirements for “places of public accommodation”).
  • You’ll need medical evidence to support your disability discrimination claim. We know how to gather the evidence and get the best advantage for you..