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Social Security’s Strict Disability Rules – WSJ

Social Security’s Strict Disability Rules – WSJ. Projections that the Social Security Disability Insurance fund will run dry in two years, coupled with high-profile fraud cases, have many thinking that SSDI beneficiaries are milking the system while they lollygag on Jet Skis and pilot helicopters. Think again. True, a few brazen folks, helped by unethical attorneys and consultants, have conned their way into monthly benefit checks. But it’s hardly a cakewalk to get on disability. The rules are strict: The infirmity must be so debilitating that it renders you incapable of performing “substantial” work in any industry, not just the…
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Hearing Access Program: News Release

For Immediate Release Marriott adds induction loops for people who are hard of hearing to their Renaissance Arlington Capital View property.  NEW YORK, October 30, 2014—The Hearing Access Program today announced that Marriott’s Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel added induction loops for people who are hard of hearing at its Arlington Virginia property  Hearing aids and cochlear implants amplify all sounds. To ensure travelers who wear hearing aids or cochlear implants can hear only the hotel associates, Marriott’s Renaissance Hotel added induction loops at its Arlington Capital View property. Switching their hearing aid or cochlear implant to the T-setting (telecoil)…
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