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Olinsky Law Group is one of the largest filers of Social Security Federal Court cases in the country. If you’re an attorney or non-attorney representative and your client’s case needs to be appealed to Federal Court, our help can be invaluable. Our Federal Court Practice Group Attorneys will represent your client in Federal Court. Upon the conclusion of the case we will send the file back to you to complete the remand proceedings. A referring attorney or non-attorney representative does not surrender representation of their client. You continue to represent the client before the Social Security Administration. Fill out the attorney contact form below and one of our Federal Court attorneys will contact you shortly.

Since 1986, we’ve represented thousands of individuals, and we have also assisted many attorneys by taking their client’s cases to federal court.

How it Works

When you refer a case to us for a Federal Court Appeal, you don’t lose the case.  Once we win the remand, we will send the claim back to you, and you can complete the administrative proceedings.  Your client pays no attorney fees, and you keep your claim along with the 406A fees.  We work for the Equal Access to Justice Act (“EAJA”) and 406B fees only.

Together We Win

 As a boutique law firm practicing only disability law, we have a unique advantage.  Our experience with Federal Court Appeals is extensive, and we would welcome the chance to work with you to secure your client’s rightful disability benefits.  The next time one of your clients needs to appeal to federal court, consider allowing us to partner with you.
Current Federal Court Cases
We are consistently working on cases in federal courts all over the country. The red dots represent district courts in which we currently have cases, and the red numbers indicate cases that we have filed with courts of appeals.
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