Social Security Federal Court Appeals

Social Security Disability Appeals in Syracuse

Get An Appeals Leader

If you receive a benefits denial, you can get all the resources you need to appeal your claim from Olinsky Law Group. We’re highly focused on appeals and well equipped to take your case all the way to Federal Court. Our work at the federal level is nationally recognized.
  • IMPORTANT! If the Appeals Council of the Social Security Administration denies your disability benefits claim, you have a 60-day deadline to appeal in Federal Court.
  • We strongly recommend you contact us to file an appeal. Appealing to Federal Court preserves your initial application date, which the Social Security Administration will use to calculate your back benefits. You also can reapply for benefits after an Appeals Council denial. But appealing your case to Federal Court is the only way to continue seeking benefits from the initial application date.
  • Make sure to get an attorney who can take your claim to Federal Court. Non-attorney representatives and some attorneys may not be able to work in Federal Court.
  • Many attorneys and non-attorney representatives refer their clients to us for Appeals Council and Federal Court appeals. Olinsky Law Group has a national reputation among disability advocates for handling Federal Court cases.