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Olinsky Law Group is committed to providing the highest quality legal representation and advocacy to improve the lives of people with disabilities. We understand how to build a claims file with personal, vocational and medical evidence to create the greatest possibility of winning your disability claim and the benefits you deserve.

Why do you need a skilled attorney?

Our support can make a dramatic difference in the outcome of your case.  We can increase the likelihood that you will be granted disability benefits sooner rather than later, by working up your medical portion of your file as soon as we are retained. It can mean the difference between getting on with your life with economic stability, or living with uncertainty and deprivation for years to come.

It’s important for you to know: you do not pay any legal fees unless we win benefits for you.

We only collect legal fees once we win your case, and the fees are approved and paid by Social Security in most cases. The only out-of-pocket expenses you will incur is the cost to purchase your medical records from your provider.  You lose nothing and gain a lot by taking advantage of our services. Don’t let financial worry keep you from having the representation you need and deserve.

You want to move on with your life.

Our support can make a dramatic difference and can increase the likelihood that you will be granted disability benefits sooner, rather than later.

We bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table for every Social Security case. We are experienced in every stage of the process, and are backed by our track record of success. If your initial application has been denied, this is not the end. Navigating the appeals process is our specialty.
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If disability benefits are denied by the Social Security Administration, we have the ability to take your appeal to federal court. This capability guarantees that your case will continue to be fought at every level of the judicial system and it dramatically increases the potential of your case being won.
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If you’ve suffered a disabling injury and your Long-Term Disability claim has been denied, we’re able to provide the experienced counsel you need.  You or your employer has paid into LTD faithfully and the insurer should honor your eligibility for benefits. We will fight to make sure your rights are respected.
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An attempt to get NYS Worker’s Compensation benefits can include many obstacles and difficulties. We understand how lost wages can often create havoc with your financial stability. We will provide expert legal representation to protect your rights and help you navigate this complex system.
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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities, either physical or mental, that limit “one or more major life activities.” You have rights under the ADA, and we can help you protect them. We have experience with Title II and Title III related claims.
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It’s completely understandable to have questions throughout the process, and we welcome the chance to work through them with you. Handling your case comes with an expectation that all of your concerns and information are confidential and will be overseen by us with the greatest care.
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