Case Notes

We love results.

As we work with each client, our focus is not just on handling another case or navigating a complex system.  We focus on getting the best possible results for our clients.  We do not settle for less, and we exhaust every opportunity as we fight for your benefits.  Here are a few examples of results that we have obtained in previous cases.

*Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.


Claimant was issued a Fully Favorable Decision On the Record by ALJ Bruce Fein, prior to the scheduled hearing.  Claimant, who was 43 and spoke Burmese as a first language, was found to have limitations with concentration and working in coordination with others due to depressive disorder and anxiety disorder.  Alexandra Locke, Esq. represented the claimant.



Hearing before ALJ John Lischak- Army Veteran alleged disability due to degenerative joint disease, bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome, Anxiety Disorder and PTSD.  The claimant was awarded benefits after ALJ found that Listing 12.06  for Anxiety Related Disorders was met.  Megan Savaia Ortiz, Esq. represented the claimant.