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So your client received a DENIAL at their social security disability hearing, what’s next? Maybe another Appeal!

Before evaluating whether a case should be taken to the Appeals Council, representatives should know a Request for Review must be filed within 60 days of the date you receive the Administrative Law Judge’s decision. Social Security assumes that you receive the decision within 5 days of the date on the decision, so you have exactly 65 days to file your Request for Review.  The Appeals Council will not accept late filings absent good cause. Procedural status The claimants last date insured for disability benefits should always be considered in deciding whether to appeal. Before deciding that a new application…
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Continuing Disability Reviews, the Burden of Proof

Congratulations to Paul Eaglin, Esq who has been chosen to present at the NOSSCR Seattle Conference. Continuing Disability Reviews, the Burden of Proof Paul Eaglin, Esq. This is the latest of a series of NOSSCR sessions in recent years relating to CDRs.  It looks at the representative’s role at the agency level as well as advocacy in federal court litigation.  The focus strives to draw closer attention to the burden of proof upon the agency to prove the elements for CDR at each of the steps of the process.