Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are federal programs intended to provide some measure of financial relief to those who are suffering from a disabling medical condition that is preventing them from working.

Social Security Disability

  • Unable to maintain substantially gainful full time employment
  • Must have worked five of the last 10 years and paid into the Social Security system

Supplemental Security Income

  • Unable to maintain substantially gainful full time employment
  • Designed for those who have not paid sufficient amounts into the Social Security system
  • Also qualify for Medicaid, food stamps and heating programs

The SSA will award benefits due to your disability if it prevents you from being able to work full time. This does not mean that you cannot work at all. Part time work does not disqualify you from securing benefits.

Skilled Representation Can Make the Difference

Having a skilled disability advocate representing you will dramatically increase the likelihood that you will be granted disability. Further, having skilled representation can mean the difference between securing your benefits sooner rather than later.

Denied for Social Security Disability

Do not let a denial of your initial disability application get you down. Appeal. Appeal. Appeal. A high percentage of initial applications are denied. After a denial of SSD benefits, you have 60 days to file an appeal.

Appeals Preserve Back Benefits, Reapplying Does Not

Our group strongly encourages those who have been denied at the initial application stage to appeal their denial. An appeal preserves your date of initial application as the date on which the accrual of benefits will begin from when your claim is approved.

Our grasp of the Social Security Disability Appeals Council process is well known within the legal community. We accept referrals from other social security attorneys and non-attorney representatives, who were unable at the hearing level to secure the benefits their clients deserved.