Our Proven Focus

We focus exclusively on disability law. Since 1986, we’ve helped many thousands of people win Social Security and Worker’s Compensation claims.
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National Experience

We possess a unique Federal Court capability. Our firm is one of the largest filers in the nation of Social Security Disability cases in Federal Court.
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Two Locations

With offices in Upstate New York and in Central Florida, we are equipped to handle cases on behalf of people from many different parts of the country.
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A Human Connection

A claim denial can be confusing and devastating. One of our experienced case managers and your attorney will work with you personally through the process.
The Process

Skilled disability representation makes a difference.

Join the thousands of people across the nation who have experienced the benefits of working with Olinsky Law Group.

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Who We Are

When applying for disability benefits, it may feel like the government is fighting to keep those benefits from you. We’ve been on the other side since 1986 – your side. Our disability attorneys have helped thousands of people secure their rightful benefits. That is our sole focus. We’re national experts who understand exactly what needs to be done to prosecute and win your case. We understand the impact a condition has on your life. We’re here to help you move forward.